Quotes from Women of Trek on Gene Roddenberry’s Death

From the February, 1992 issue of Starlog. If you want to read the full article of cast tributes, it’s here.

“[His death] was very devastating, and I think we’re all very pained. But I believe that the philosophy of Star Trek, which is his legacy, will live on forever. Gene talked about infinite diversity and peaceful exploration. He gave us hope. He gave us so much and touched so many people, most of whom he never met. Star Trek was Gene’s blueprint for the future of humankind…Personally, I’m very glad, very grateful that I knew him so well and worked with him so long. I loved Gene very much and I’ll  miss him. We all will.”

Nichelle Nichols

“I knew Gene Roddenberry spiritually because he was a man who explained that I had a place in the future. His was the only vision that had black people in the future. This is what drew me to this show.”

– Whoopi Goldberg

“Gene had a very strong vision of the world, as did Jim Henson – and I was fortunate to work with both of them. They were both people who didn’t want people mourning them. They wanted services that were more celebratory. As to the future, I think everybody has been trying to protect Gene’s ideals. It’s a tricky thing but I look at it this way: It’s obviously something that can live on its own because the first series has lived on for 25 years. There are things that may be done at some point that he would have disagreed with. That’s bound to happen. Overall, his vision is strong enough so that it’s not going to fall apart.

“It’s hard to believe that when reading the new script I got yesterday, here’s an episode Gene’s not going to see. But he probably is going to see it, because he’s up there, stirring up as much trouble as he possibly can,”

– Gates McFadden

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