Sharon Acker on Playing Odona

I thought [Odona] was fun. I was really looking forward to playing her. Odona was a little out of my field. I mean, I never thought of myself as a princess, I never thought of myself as particularly exotic, so to play the role of somebody who was both of those things and who also came from another planet was a real exciting challenge for me. 

But I didn’t necessarily see her as different from me emotionally, except, I guess, from the point of view of her commitment to be willing to give her life for the people of her planet.

She was willing to die to bring death and dignity back to the people of her planet. From that point of view I don’t know Sharon Acker could ever take such a step. So I think she was heroic and grand and very special and rather beautiful and a bit beyond the Sharon Acker that was playing the part.

Sharon Acker on her portrayal of Odona in the TOS episode “The Mark of Gideon”, quoted in the Official Star Trek Fan Club Magazine.

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