Linda Park on Empress Hoshi

I really did like being the aggressor and being more… I don’t want to say ‘strong,’ because Hoshi was strong in her own way. But the Mirror Hoshi was strong in the way that Medea is strong, in the way that Clytemnestra is strong, in this very archetypal, warrior-woman way…

And, truth be told, I think at that point of my life I think I was really growing out of being a kid and wanted to grow and really stretch my legs as a woman, and that started with the Mirror Hoshi and continued with the two characters I played on TV after Enterprise. They were more aggressive and tough. I played a tough-girl cop. I played a cold-as-ice, cutthroat D.A. And it was great that by the end of Trek, when I wanted to get stronger as a woman in my roles, because I was becoming stronger as a woman myself, that I got that opportunity to do that. When I started Enterprise, I was using a lot of student-out-of-drama-school-going-into-the-real-world attitude, which was what was going on in my life. And by the end, I was starting to play a stronger woman, becoming a stronger woman, and wanting to do more of that

Linda Park, interviewed at on what it was like playing Mirror Hoshi in “In a Mirror, Darkly”

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