Michael Dorn on K’Ehleyr’s death

[K’Ehleyr turned into a wonderful character. It’s too bad she got killed. The fans really loved her. Unknowingly…I contributed to her death. I was talking to the writer. He asked what would set Worf off. I said that it would have to be something that would just piss him off to no end. We talked about his honor. I said, ‘He has already lost that,’ so we threw out ideas. I thought her death was a good idea at the time. I always hate to see characters killed, especially good characters, but it seemed the only thing that would piss Worf off to where he would forget about Starfleet, forget about rules and regulations, and kill this guy who murdered K’Ehleyr.

Michael Dorn in the February 1992 issue of Starlog. And that, friends is a classic example of the “women in refrigerators” trope!

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