Star Trek: Voyager Bechdel-Wallace Test Results

Another series Bechdel tested! Particular thanks to Abby (cafekreludor) for the help on Seasons 5-7.

I am using the same method as I did with the Deep Space Nine results, as follows:

  • The first percentage indicates the result if you require that the two female characters clearly address each other, even in group scenes.
  • The second percentage (in brackets) indicates the adjusted pass rate if you include any episode where two women characters have back-to-back lines about something other than a man. This turned out to be much less important in Voyager as even in group scenes, female characters were often clearly addressing Janeway or vice versa.
  • An asterisk in the episode list shows which episodes pass under the second test but not the first.


Voyager does really well overall. But one thing Abby noted is that there were hardly any women of colour recurring guest stars or named background characters, compared to TNG and DS9 where we had Guinan, Nurse Ogawa, Keiko and Molly, Kasidy, and several one-shot characters like Ensign Taitt. The Memory Alpha page on Voyager’s recurring characters confirms this.

Total: 87.5% Pass (89.2%)

Season 1: 93.8% Pass (93.8%)

B'Elanna and Janeway talk about science
CaretakerPassJaneway talks to Kes about how to get down to rescue Kim and Torres/Torres and Janeway argue about getting home.
ParallaxPassJaneway and Torres talk about the job of Chief Engineer and geek out over the singularity and warp particles
Time and AgainPassJaneway and Torres talk about tricorder readings
PhagePassSeska, Torres and Janeway discuss engineering stuff
The CloudPassJaneway takes a stroll through Engineering and assures Torres it’s not an inspection
Eye of the NeedlePassJaneway and Torres discuss engineering stuff/Janeway and Kes also talk, but only about the Doctor
Ex Post FactoFailJaneway is in scenes with Kes and Torres but they don’t really talk
EmanationsPassJaneway gives orders to Torres and Seska/Ptera talks to Janeway about what happens when people die/Kes and Ptera talk about the afterlife
Prime FactorsPassJaneway tells Torres not to steal the aliens’ technology/Torres and Seska try to figure out how the tech works and talk about stealing it
State of FluxPassKes asks Seska why she hasn’t submitted her blood for her medical file/Janeway and Torres talk about how long it will take to manipulate a containment field
Heroes and DemonsPassJaneway and Torres talk about issues with the transporter and about the photonic beings they encounter
CathexisPassJaneway talks to Torres about the warp core and to Kes about an alien presence on the ship
FacesPassThe two sides of Torres talk to each other
JetrelPassJaneway talks to Torres about a containment field
Learning CurvePassJaneway talks to Torres about the bio-neural gel packs and to the Beatrice hologram about needlepoint

Season 2: 92.3% Pass (92.3%)

Janeway talks to Amelia Earhart
The 37sPassJaneway talks to Torres about the bodies in stasis and to Amelia Earhart about Voyager
InitiationsPassJaneway talks to Torres about Kazon debris and has a quick exchange with Kes about a micro-generator
ProjectionsPassJaneway and Torres talk about repairing the warp core
ElogiumPassJaneway and Kes talk about the elogium/Janeway and Torres talk about modifying the main deflector
Non SequiturPassJaneway and Torres have a quick exchange where Janeway asks Torres to boost the transporter
TwistedPassJaneway, Sandrine, Kes and Torres talk about blowing out candles at Kes’; surprise party/Janeway and Torres talk about the anomaly
ParturitionPassJaneway and Torres talk about rescuing Tom and Neelix and about the alien ship
Persistence of VisionPassJaneway talks with Torres about a potential holodeck malfunction/Janeway talks with Kes about her visions
TattooPassTorres and Janeway talk about finding polyferranide and issues with the fusion reactors
Cold FirePassJaneway asks Kes to act as an intermediary with the other Ocampa/Janeway also talks to Suspiria but mostly about the male caretaker
ManeuversPassTorres explains to Janeway her plan to use a transporter while travelling at warp. All other conversations between them are about Chakotay.
PrototypePassJaneway and Torres talk about the prototype
AlliancesPassJaneway talks to Seska about a potential alliance
ThresholdPassJaneway and Torres talk about transwarp flight
MeldFailJaneway and Torres talk but only about Suder
DreadnoughtPassJaneway and Torres talk about Dreadnought/Kes and Wildman talk about baby names
Death WishPassJaneway and Torres set up a containment field
LifesignsPass Denara apologizes to Torres for the time the Vidiians experimented on her/also talks to Kes but mostly about the Doctor
InvestigationsPassJaneway and Torres talk about engine core temperature
DeadlockPass Kes coaches Wildman during labour/Janeway and torres talk about antimatter supply being drained, proton bursts, Kes disappearing, etc./Janeway 1 and Janeway 2 talk about who will sacrifice their ship
Innocence Pass Janeway and First Prelate Alicia make first contact and talk about her people/Janeway and Torres talk about the status of the transporter
The Thaw Pass Janeway and Kes talk about stasis tubes/Janeway and Kes talk to Torres about her and Kim going into stasis/Torres and Kes monitor Kim
TuvixPassJaneway and Torres talk about what went wrong with the transporter/Janeway explains symbiogenesis to Kes
ResolutionsPassTorres lectures Ensign Swinn on the quality of her work
Basics Part IPassJaneway and Torres create an illusion of Talaxian ships

Season 3: 65.4% Pass (73.1%)

Kes talks to her daughter Linnis in "Before and After"
Basics Part IIPass Janeway and Wildman talk about the baby/Janeway recruits Torres to sprint
Flashback Fail* Borderline. Near the end Janeway talks to the Doctor and Kes about the virus. Kes clearly talks to Janeway but Janeway is talking mostly to the Doctor
The Chute PassJaneway and Torres talk about how to find evidence of how the explosion happened/Piri tells Janeway where the prison is
The Swarm PassJaneway and Torres talk about the shields, the particle wave, the anti-matter-reaction chamber and why the shuttle was attacked/Kes also talks to Janeway and Torres but only about the Doctor
False Profits PassJaneway and Torres talk about restabilizing the wormhole
Remember Pass Torres, Jessen and Mirell talk about the beauty of Enara Prime/Janeway and Torres talk about Torres’ dreams
The Q and the Grey Pass Janeway and Torres talk about shield modifications/Torres talks about female Q about ship modifications (only counts if you consider Q her name)
Sacred Ground Fail Janeway talks only to unnamed women characters (like “The Guide.”)
Future’s End Part I PassJaneway and Torres talk about disabling Starling’s downlink
Future’s End Part IIFail* In a staff meeting, Janeway says to the room that she wants the timeship and Torres replies transporters are still down
WarlordPass Janeway and Torres talk about shields. The rest is debatable because it’s difficult to determine if Kes counts as male or female while possessed by Tieran
Fair Trade Fail
Alter Ego Pass Janeway and Torres try to figure out the problem with the ship’s propulsion, try to track down Marayna
Coda Fail Janeway talks to people she sees but they can’t see or hear her
Blood FeverPass Only very brief exchange where Janeway orders Torres to stake a claim to gallicite on a new planet
Unity Pass Janeway and Torres talk about Borg technology
Darkling Fail Janeway and Kes talk, but only about Zahir
Favorite Son Pass Torres asks Kes what she (Torres) is doing in sickbay/Janeway talks to Lyris about the Nasari
Before and After Pass Kes talks with daughter Linnis/Torres and Janeway talk about Kes’ jumps through time
Real Life PassJaneway and Torres talk about the transporters
Distant OriginFail Five women have lines but none to each other
Displaced PassTaleen welcomes Janeway and crew to prison/Janeway, Kes and Torres talk about their treatment
Worst Case Scenario Pass Seska hologram talks to Kes and Torres/Janeway talks to Torres about Seska’s holonovel
Scorpion Part IPass Janeway and Torres talk about transporting the away team/Kes tells Janeway about her premonitions

Season 4: 92.3% Pass (92.3%)

Janeway talks to Seven of Nine shortly after separating her from the collective
Scorpion Part II PassJaneway negotiates with Seven/Kes and Janeway talk about Kes sensing the Borg
The GiftPass Janeway talks to Kes about her new powers and to Seven about becoming human/Torres talks to Seven about Borg technology
Day of Honor Pass Janeway talks to Seven about the Borg/Torres talks to Seven about Borg atrocities/Torres and Janeway talk about the warp core
Nemesis PassJaneway orders Torres to check a system/Karya and Marna also exchange lines but it’s about a group of men who have kidnapped other men. So overall barely a pass
Revulsion Fail
The Raven Pass Janeway talks to Seven about pottery and relaxing/Torres and Janeway discover a Borg data link
Scientific Method Pass Torres confronts Seven over changes to power relays/Janeway and Seven talk about science stuff/Janeway argues with Alzen and Tazar about their experiments
Year of Hell Part I Pass Torres and Seven talk about the turbolift/Seven talks with Janeway and Torres about astrometrics readings
Year of Hell Part II PassJaneway and Seven talk about the astrometric database and leaving the nebula/Janeway and Torres talk about the nacelles
Random Thoughts Pass Nimira questions Janeway and Torres/Seven and Janeway talk about Starfleet’s principles on first contact
Concerning Flight PassTorres and Janeway talk about the diagnostic assembly
Mortal Coil Pass Naomi and Ensign Wildman talk about bedtime/Seven and Wildman talk about Naomi growing/Seven and Janeway talk about socializing
Waking Moments PassJaneway and Torres talk about a dampening field/Seven and Janeway talk about collective unconsciousness
Message in a Bottle Pass Janeway and Seven talk about the relay network
HuntersPass Janeway and Seven talk about a transmission/Torres and Janeway talk about an anti-thoron burst and a singularity
Prey Pass Janeway and Seven argue about what to do with the Hirogen ship and species 8472
Retrospect Pass Janeway talks to Seven about how to discipline her for hitting Covin
The Killing Game Part I Pass Janeway orders Seven to freshen up (alternate identities) and they talk about resistance efforts/Janeway and Torres (alt) talk about layout of Nazi HQ
The Killing Game Part IIPass Janeway and Seven talk about the Hirogen
Vis a Vis Fail
The Omega Directive Pass Janeway and Seven talk about the Omega Directive and the Omega molecule’s significance to Seven
Unforgettable Pass Kellin talks with Seven and Janeway about her situation
Living Witness Pass Holo-Janeway orders Holo-Seven to destroy the Kyrians
Demon PassTorres and Janeway talk about a science experiment and preparations to land the ship/Janeway talks to Seven about beaming deuterium from the planet
One Pass Seven talks to Janeway about a nebula and about being left with the Doctor while everyone else goes into stasis
Hope and Fear Pass Janeway and Seven play velocity and talk about the results/Janeway and Torres talk about the Dauntless/Seven and Torres talk about getting back to Earth/Seven and Janeway talk about how to escape Arturis and the Borg

Season 5: 100% Pass (100%)

The Borg Queen talks to Seven
Night PassJaneway and Seven talk in astrometrics/Torres and Seven refuse to let Janeway sacrifice herself/Janeway also hails Engineering and Torres responds
Drone Pass Torres and Seven talk in the shuttle and astrometrics/Janeway and Seven talk about the drone and what to do with it
Extreme Risk Pass Seven talks to Janeway about the Malons’ activities/Janeway talks to Torres in Sickbay
In the Flesh Pass Janeway talks to Seven about preparing for war and cultural diplomacy with Species 8472
Once Upon a Time PassNaomi and Wildman talk over the comm line/Seven and Naomi talk in the Mess Hall/Torres speaks during the staff meeting but to the entire group
Timeless PassJaneway and Seven talk about the phase corrections Kim sent. Barely a pass
Infinite Regress Pass Some parts are debatable because Seven acts as other characters including a male Ferengi and an unnamed wife. But Seven also talks to Naomi, Torres and Janeway in different scenes as herself
Nothing Human Pass Janeway and Seven talk about downloads from the alien ship/Janeway and Torres talk about Janeway’s decision
Thirty Days Pass Debatable. The Delaneys talk with each other in the Captain Proton holoprogram but we don’t know which one is which just by this episode
Counterpoint Pass Seven and Janeway talk about rematerializing the refugees/Janeway and Torres talk about a pulse from the arraytd>
Latent Image PassJaneway and Seven talk about individuality and the unknown alien species/Torres and Jetal talk over the comm in a flashback/Torres and Janeway also talk but only about the Doctor
Bride of Chaotica Pass Janeway, Seven and Torres have a conversation about the “subspace sandbar” and the holodeck fluctuation
Gravity PassJaneway and Torres talk about going to warp and about the countdown/Janeway asks Seven some quick questions/all three have lines but either directed to everyone or not acknowledged verbally
Bliss PassSeven and Naomi talk about the Delta Flyer and people acting weird/Seven and Janeway talk about the wormhole
Dark Frontier Pass Seven, Janeway and Torres talk to each other several times (e.g. on the Borg ship debris and the away mission)/Seven talks to the Borg Queen/Naomi talks to Seven and Janeway
The Disease Pass Seven calls Janeway to astrometrics/Torres and Janeway talk about plasma couplings and microfractures
Course:Oblivion Pass Duplicate Torres and Seven talk about work and relationships/Duplicate Torres and Janeway talk about the overall situation/Duplicate Janeway and Seven about modified nanoprobes
The Fight Pass Janeway and Seven talk about chaotic space
Think Tank PassJaneway and Seven talk about long-range scans
Juggernaut PassTorres and Seven talk about the control room/Janeway and Torres talk about storage tanks
Someone to Watch Over Me PassTorres confronts Seven about her activities/Janeway talks to Seven about dating and the fight with Torres
Eleven Fifty Nine Pass Janeway and Seven talk about the Millennium Gate and Shannon O’Donnell
Relativity Pass Torres talks with Seven about temporal distortions and to Janeway about warp drive/Janeway asks Seven about the briefing room
Warhead Pass Janeway and Seven talk about Seven’s plan/Janeway asks Torres about the AI in engineering
Equinox Part I Pass Naomi welcomes Gilmore on board/Janeway’s conversation with Seven is all about Ransom

Season 6: 88.5% Pass (88.5%)

Janeway and Seven talk in Astrometrics
Equinox Part II Fail
Survival Instinct PassTorres and Seven talk about Seven’s new haul and feelings about the past/Janeway and Seven talk about the ex-Borg/Seven also talks to Naomi and Marikah
Barge of the Dead Pass Torres speaks with Janeway several times and the image of her mother, Miral
Tinker Tenor Doctor Spy Pass Torres and Seven talk about a warp core breach (in the Doctor’s fantasy) but all other conversations between women are about the Doctor
Alice Pass Janeway talks with Seven about where Tom was headed/Torres and Janeway talk but mostly about Tom
Riddles Pass Seven and Janeway talk about isotopes and the Ba’Neth
Dragon’s TeethPass Janeway and Seven talk about the stasis pod, and at the end about the overall situation
One Small StepPass Seven and Janeway talk about the dangers and the Delta Flyer/Torres and Janeway talk about retrieving the Delta Flyer
The Voyager Conspiracy Pass Torres, Seven and Janeway talk about the photonic fleas/Seven talks to Janeway about her various suspicions
PathfinderPass Barely passes. Seven talks with Janeway over the comm about the micro-warmhole
Fair Haven Fail Janeway chats with Frannie but about Michael, as well as with an unnamed female vendor, again about Michael. In the scene in astrometrics the women don’t converse with each other
Blink of an EyePass Janeway and Seven talk to each other about the planet in a scene that includes Chakotay/Seven and Naomi talk about “the weird planet”
Virtuoso PassJaneway talks with Tincoo about repairs/Seven talks to Janeway about fan mail, though a bit of the discussion is about the Doctor
MemorialPass Barely passes. Janeway and Seven have three lines of dialogue with each other at one point in astrometrics. The other times are in group scenes.
TsunkatsePass Barely passes. Seven and Torres direct one line to each other about Tsunkatse. Torres and Janeway also have one line but in a scene with Chakotay and it’s not clear they’re talking to each other specifically.
Collective Pass Janeway and Seven talk about the Borg children/Janeway and Torres talk about the away team and knocking out the tractor beam
Spirit Folk Pass Janeway asks Torres for a report. Torres and Janeway talk about whether the holodeck characters could’ve turned violent. All other lines are directed to the group as a whole
Ashes to AshesPass Ballard and Janeway have several long conversations/Seven reprimands Mezoti/Torres and Ballard talk about the dilithium matrix
Child’s PlayPassDebatable. All of Janeway/Seven/Yifay’s dialogue is about Icheb. Most of Janeway’s dialogue with Seven is also about Icheb but they also discuss Icheb’s and Seven’s parents
Good ShepherdPass Seven talks to Janeway about Tal Celes/Janeway chats with Tal several times
Live Fast and Prosper Pass Janeway talks with Dala in the brig about being impersonated/Torres and Janeway talk about the problems cropping up
Muse FailTorres talks with Kellis’ girlfriend but she’s unnamed/the actresses playing Janeway and Seven have dialogue in the play but we don’t know the actresses’ names
FuryPass Past and present Janeways talk to older Kes/Past Torres talks to Kes about getting familiar with the ship/Past Janeway talks to Past Wildman about a plan to fight the Vidiians
Life Line Pass Seven talks to Janeway about the data stream/Troi and Haley chat, but mostly about Zimmerman
The Haunting of Deck 12 Pass Seven accuses Celes of causing a problem/Janeway and Seven discuss the life form’s motives
Unimatrix Zero, Part IPass Seven, Torres and Janeway talk about Unimatrix Zero, Seven talks with Laura inside Unimatrix Zero, Borg Queen tries to negotiate with Janeway

Season 7: 83.3% Pass (87.5%)

Admiral Janeway talks to Captain Janeway in "Endgame"
Unimatrix Zero Part II Pass Borg Queen continues to negotiate with Janeway/Seven and Janeway talk about Unimatrix Zero/Torres and Janeway talk about the Borg cube
ImperfectionPass Mezoti and Seven say goodbye/Janeway and Seven talk about Seven’s damaged node and her place on the ship/Seven and Torres talk about death
Drive Pass Seven and Torres talk about the next race (also about Tom, which doesn’t count)
Repression Pass Torres and Jor talk about the planet and evacuating the Stafleet crew
Critical Care Fail Janeway and Torres only talk about the Doctor/The other female characters Janeway talks to are unnamed
Inside ManPass Troi interrogates Leosa/Seven talks to Janeway briefly about the shields
Body and Soul Fail* Debatable. Seven talks to Jaryn and Janeway, but only when her body is being controlled by the Doctor.
Nightingale PassJaneway and Torres talk about the impulse upgrades
Flesh and Blood Pass Torres and Kejal talk about stereotypes/Torres and Seven talk about a feedback surge/Torres and Janeway talk about the holograms
Shattered Pass Janeway has four short conversations with adult Naomi/Janeway addresses Borg Seven but Seven’s replies are directed at the group as a whole
Lineage Pass Janeway congratulates Torres and offers her time off/Torres and her female cousin talk (she is not named in the show but in the credits is named Elizabeth)
Repentance Pass Janeway and Seven talk about how Seven’s feeling, the Nygeans, and warp core analysis
Prophecy Pass Janeway talks with Torres about the Klingons’ hunger strike
The Void PassSeven and Torres talk about what to do with the additional power/Seven and Janeway talk about the “theft”Janeway compliments Seven’s cooking
Workforce Part I Pass Brainwashed Janeway talks to Seven about the input error. Only one line each so barely passes.
Workforce Part II PassBrainwashed Janeway and Seven talk about Janeway removing equipment from the premises
Human ErrorPass Janeway and Seven talk several times about work-related matters
Q2 Fail Torres directs lines to Janeway a few times but she doesn’t reply directly to Torres
Author, Author Pass Jenkins orders Torrey-Torres to decompile the EMH’s program/Seven talks to Aunt Irene
Friendship One Pass Barely Passes. Seven and Torres speak up during the meeting but Torres only has one line directed to Janeway/Torres and Janeway work with Otrin to neutralize the radiation
Natural Law PassJaneway and Torres talk about finding the frequency of the barrier (in a scene with Tuvok)/Janeway and Seven talk about what to do with the people
Homestead Pass Seven and Janeway talk about disrcharges in the asteroid field/Seven talks to Dexa about the image of Talax
Renaissance Man Fail Torres, Seven and Janeway have a few lines together and all about the Doctor’s program.
Endgame Pass The two Janeways talk about coffee and Admiral Janeway’s new plan/Both talk to Seven/Admiral Janeway and Seven talk to the Borg Queen (at different times)/Admiral Janeway talks to future Torres and Miral

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