The Great Links (11)

  • I wrote about Star Trek’s 50th anniversary for the CCPA Monitor and what we need to see in the next 50 years. But I do need to make a correction: in the article I described Robert Beltran as “non-Native” when in fact he identifies as Latindio, of Mexican-Native American ancestry.
  • Constance Grady writes at Vox about “Why we’re terrified of fanfiction” and links opinions on fanfiction to gender divides in fandom communities.
  • Dr. Kayla Iacovino is an amazing Trekkie vulcanologist whom I’ve had the privilege of doing panels with at conventions, and now she’s profiled at CNN!
  • Michelle defends Rihanna’s right to love Star Trek (
  • I wrote about the Star Trek programming at the 2016 Montreal Comiccon, starting with the most painful part (William Shatner’s comments on a panel with Kate Mulgrew and Brent Spiner) but moving into a discussion of what worked, including the awesomeness of Mulgrew and Nichelle Nichols (The Mary Sue).
  • Erica McGillivray has a really lovely piece about Star Trek: Beyond and why we need stories like Star Trek that show us working together to build a better future.
  • The full Women of Star Trek panel from Star Trek Mission New York is now up on YouTube.
  • I joined the Priority One Podcast to talk about the rumour that the new Star Trek Discovery lead could possibly be the “Number One” from “The Cage.” Take a listen.
  • Victoria McNally has written a great article at Revelist about the women in Star Trek fandom who were instrumental in shaping modern fandom and ensuring the franchise’s 50+ year legacy.

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