George Takei on the impact of Star Trek

To know we’ve had that impact on American audiences makes me feel wonderful. I shouldn’t even say American, because it’s international now. Grandparents are sharing Star Trek with their grandchildren, and these grandchildren are also finding something very pertinent and relevant to them in Star Trek today. There were and still are universal themes dealt with that still remain true and important in 1991. Some people have found Star Trek to be the thing that made it possible for them to deal with life crises. Others found it inspired them to great achievement.

Youngsters went on to study aeronautics and become heroes in that arena. Gene Roddenberry’s vision has made it possible for all of us Star Trek actors to be seen as role models, heroes. Many Asian youngsters have come up to me and said it was so important for them to be able to see someone that their non-Asian friends could say, ‘Oh yeah, you look like Sulu.’ or ‘Sulu’s my favorite character on Star Trek.’ It made them very proud to be an Asian.

So, I think Star Trek has contributed in many, many ways to affecting our civilization in a positive way. And I must say that I am extraordinarily proud to be a part of the legacy that is Star Trek.

George Takei in the January 1992 issue of Starlog

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