Season 2 ideas for Troi

We’re still trying to figure out the right tone for Troi. I know it’s difficult when you have a mind power-based person, but everybody takes the easy way out. ‘I feel great pain.’

We have not yet seen Troi truly being a ship’s counselor. I mean, this woman has 80 thousand and 11 degrees in psychology and human development, and she’s there to actually counsel if you’re having a problem. However, Gene believes humanity is infinitely perfectable and that in the next 400 years, we’re going to take this step forward into homo superius. We will be able to leave behind the petty parts of our nature – jealousy, greed and those sorts of things. That’s lovely and optimistic, but if people can handle their own problems, then what can Troi do?


I’ve been toying with Troi as an ambassador. She would be used when we first contact a new culture or have cross-cultural dealings. I think Troi should be a member of the Away Team every time one goes down, particularly if there’s an alien culture. We’ll probably downplay the empathic nature as well.

In the October 1989 issue of Starlog, writer and story editor Melinda Snodgrass speculates on where the writers will take Troi’s character. Snodgrass’ comments are so awesome, but it’s really too bad it never happened. Yes, Troi did get to counsel a couple of people and help liaise with some alien leaders, and she got a bigger bump when Jeri Taylor came on in Season 4, but never the kind of sustained importance and profile Snodgrass seems to have been contemplating at the end of Season 2.

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