Nana Visitor on Kira’s Emotionality

That rawness of emotion Kira displayed [in ‘Battlelines’] made many people uncomfortable. It was uncomfortable for me to watch. Yet, there’s something I delight in about displaying those emotions. Taking my clothes off for a scene, to me, isn’t challenging. What is challenging, and what I don’t mind using to make people feel uncomfortable, is displaying raw emotion.

I’ve gotten letters from women who have said that Kira means a lot to them because they themselves never felt like they could reach their feelings. Through Kira they’ve said to themselves, ‘It’s OK to have feelings, to express them’ or ‘It’s OK to cry, to feel anger.’

We always think it’s the men in society who have trouble expressing themselves, but through the letters I’m realizing there are many women who feel that way, too. I never expected to get into areas like this through a role I play. So, I’m incredibly gratified that women can learn about themselves through Kira. Frankly, I’m learning through Kira as well.

Nana Visitor in “Major Player”, 1994 issue of Starlog.

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Hi I’m Jon I’d like to say that Nana visitor is one of my favourite actresses I have had the opportunity to have met Nana visitor when she came to Perth in 2014 at the Perth comicon I told her how much I love her role as kira nerys I told her that I got a recipe for hasperat mentioned in deep space nine she was very kind to me she noticed that I was nervous she said thank you Jon for your kind words about kira nerys

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