Young fan’s letter about Spock

Dear Gene Roddenberry,

My name is Donnaray Crouch and I’m 14 years old. I’m writing to you about an idea I’ve come up with for a new Star Trek series. This is the idea:

This show would be similar to the previous series, but taking Mr. Spock’s place would be a young girl Vulcan (myself) who would be Mr. Spock’s younger sister…she would be a genius and child prodigy, even for a Vulcan. The young girl would be unemotional like Mr. Spock, but instead of black hair she would have light brown hair. This young girl would be the only child on ship except maybe for some episodes with other kids as guest stars.

…Enclosed is a drawing of me and how I’d look as Mr. Spock’s sister.

Thank you,
Donnaray Crouch
Milpitas, CA

quoted in Letters to Star Trek by Susan Sackett, 1977.

This totally sounds like the type of letter I would’ve written if I were around the same age around the same time. I love that right from the get-go, girls and women fans were giving ideas for ways to work more women and more creative representations of women into Trek.

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