Shit Trekkies Say on Facebook: Bad Caption

Trigger warning for this one

Post of a dead Ensign caught between decks of the Enterprise
List of comments - scroll down for transcript for people with visual impairments.

Say it for me, Charlie Brown:

Charlie Brown on the pitcher's mound saying "Aaugh!"

I want to be able to do something more effective than raging at my screen and documenting this shit. Any ideas? Let me know.

Transcript of comments above:

Serge Charlebois: The worst part is, my bottom half is in Riker’s quarters… (215 likes)

Benjamin Dyer: or is that the best part?

Serge Charlebois: Set course for bad sex joke, maximum speed, am I right?

Charles Rupard: The real worst part is Riker has a foot fetish.

Wilfrid B. Innocent: I doubt she would be looking /that/ bored if her lower half were in his quarters.

Steve Lee: Maybe rikers not all that hot like he’s made up to be and she’s just found out…

Wayne Bookhultz: He’s tearing it up then!

Stuart Bigsby: lmao!

BrianandMaren Ruesch: Could be worse- could be in Barclay’s!

Peggy Slater: No, could be worse, the bottom half could be in Sulu’s quarters!

Dan Rosenberg: Make it so!

Stephanie Tulai: It is for Riker lol

Stephanie Tulai: or Data’s quarters lol

Joseph T McHugh: WOW!!! If it weren’t for my boobs I’d have gone right through !!

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