T’Pring’s costume

My costume actually made me bleed! It was made of metallic wire and, at the end of each day I was bloody right underneath my rib cage. Bill Theiss could have easily put something in there to make it more comfortable, I’m sure. He was a very sweet man. He wasn’t sadistic. But I didn’t speak up. I was feeling too timid being there; too happy to have this particular acting job. But I wasn’t happy about the costume. The design, which I understood, was very geometric. I had a really good body, which they concealed totally, and I thought it looked like a maternity dress! I thought, ‘Maybe they see the character as trying to conceal that she is pregnant.’ So that’s what I gave myself, that idea about her.

Arlene Martel (T’Pring in the TOS episode “Amok Time”), quoted in Marc Cushman’s These Are The Voyages: TOS, Season 2.

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