Behind the Scenes: “Wolf in the Fold”

Not shy about such things with Coon, [Gene] Roddenberry confided:

‘Let’s establish that the nature of this place keeps women eternally young, beautiful, and remarkably busty. Perhaps hormones work better here. At any rate, let’s cast and clothe in that direction with a vengeance. This place is remarkably peaceful because the women screw a lot. Isn’t that logical? Or, if we can’t be logical, let’s at least be provocative.

from These are the Voyages – TOS: Season 2 by Marc Cushman, on the making of the infamous TOS episode “Wolf in the Fold.”

As ordered, Gene Coon added a description of the cafe in the episode’s opening to the script teaser that read:

“Most of the men, except for our people, have at least one beautiful, exotic woman with them – and the women are all lush, scantily clad, and most, most friendly. We should get the impression that this would be a perfectly splendid place for a man – especially a space man who had been out there somewhere for a long time – to visit.”

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