D.C. on Carolyn Palamas

Carolyn says she loves Apollo. This is a big, big switch from 24 hours ago. I feel we must portray Apollo’s more than human attraction – show Carolyn being wooed – unable to help herself. Otherwise she is just a shallow, fickle broad…She comes off rather badly, I think, and I suggest a re-examination of her character and relationships.

D.C. Fontana in a memo during the writing of “Who Mourns for Adonais?” Eventually she was assigned to re-write it herself, with Roddenberry and Coon taking stabs after her before it was finally filmed. Quoted in These are the Voyages – TOS: Season 2 by Marc Cushman.

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I would’ve had her turn Appollo’s own powers against him and she takes control his powers and ravages him and actually kills him and she saves the day and this killing would’ve also have been self defence since he would’ve been trying to rape her. It would’ve helped her character as well as she would’ve been seen as not just some female scientist, but a badass who could stop a god from raping her and killing him in self defence!

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