Terry Farrell on DS9 (1993)

To think that we’ll be used to seeing aliens in the 24th century is amazing, but what are we going to go through when we really see aliens for the first time? Look at the riots in L.A. Human beings can’t even get along now. It’s hard to imagine being on a space station with all of these different life forms getting along OK. That’s what’s so great about Deep Space Nine. Just because somebody is a little different doesn’t mean we’re not made of the same stuff. I’m just hoping people will watch our show and relate to it, that they’ll realize, in reality, we’re all human beings. I’m excited about that.

…Nana [Visitor] and I have only had a few scenes together so far, but I really like her a lot because we’re complete opposites. She’s more extroverted tahn I am. Kira is a terrorist, so in that respect, the characters are also opposites. Dax is very Zen-like and Kira’s more physical. In person, I dress conservatively, maybe in khakis and a navy blazer. Nana is more wild. She’ll wear two different colour shoes. We’re both playing very strong women, and hopefully we can build a relationship between them

Terry Farrell in Starlog, March 1993 (at this point she’d filmed four episodes plus the pilot).

Farrell also responded to comments Marina Sirtis had made about the challenges 20th century men have writing for 24th century women:

 ‘I think it would be difficult for 20th century writers to write about the 24th century, period. How do we know what the problems are going to be? What I like, quite honestly, is that they’ve made Dax and Kira very strong female characters. Kira is a major,’ she notes, ‘and Dax is a second lieutenant. We’re in powerful positions. I’ve already been left in control of Ops several times. Maybe it’s different for Marina because she plays a counselor. She’s an empath, so it’s a whole other ball of wax, but I can understand what Marina’s talking about.’

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