Spice Williams on playing Vixis

Spice Williams (Vixis from Star Trek: V) in the December, 1989 issue of Starlog:

“I’ve always been a Trekkie…I’m totally obsessed. I’ve always dreamed of being the female in Captain Kirk’s life and while being the female who’s trying to kill him is not exactly what I had in mind, it’s the next best thing.”


“Shatner was satisfied with the way I looked when I was hired, but I told him I was going to give him a special effect that no special effect can produce. I suggested that Vixis is obviously not a Federation woman and that Vixis should definitely look like a woman of the future.

“I stopped training my lower back and dieted severely until I had a 21-inch waist. I trained my arms and shoulders heavily to make my biceps bigger and more well-defined. I also trained my upper chest so that I could create a high cleavage and more muscle definition. Vixis, for me, had to have a more sleek look than a super-muscular one.”

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