Shit Trekkies Say on Facebook: Kim Cattrall as Valeris

This is actually a few days old but I wanted to give you guys a couple days free of Trek Facebook trolls. So here was another fairly innocuous Facebook post. ANNND another horrible response from some. This was the fifth from top comment:

Comments on the post (see image description for details)

This guy called her a slut (and a bitch) and then later tried to use the Wikipedia definition of “slut” to defend himself.

Commenter: "Vulcan slut - I love/hate her Bitch [frown face]"
Commenter 2: "is calling her a slut necessary?"

And yay, rape jokes!

comment: "Man, if Spock had to rape any character on the bridge, thank the Great Bird it was her!"

Thankfully the vast majority of comments on this post just wished her a Happy Birthday or commented kindly on other movies/shows people had liked her in. There’s hope for this page because it’s already attracted a ton of plain, decent fans – it just takes willingness from the top to shut down the worst commenters for the sake of everyone else, including those of us who won’t even comment there because of the dynamic.

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