Report from Geek Girl Con 2013

I was so excited this year to present a panel at Geek Girl Con in Seattle! Our panel, “Is Star Trek a Feminist Utopia?” included myself, Mary Czerwinski, Jamala Henderson, and Tanya F.

I also moderated a panel featuring Anita Sarkeesian on women characters in video games.

Denise Crosby at her Geek Girl Con 2013 Q&A

One of this year’s featured guests was Denise Crosby, and I loved her Q&A session, moderated by Jamala Henderson. I particularly appreciated her comments on aging in Hollywood:

[Show business] is a culture that can breed insecurity. If you’re basing everything on your looks, that’s a one-way street and you’re doomed. You’re not The Picture of Dorian Grey; you’re going to age, and you’re going to get better…

I get brown spots on my hands now, but so what? I feel better, I feel more confident when I go onto a set; I know what I’m doing.

Denise Crosby at GGC13
Me, Denise Crosby and Tanya

And of course me and Tanya needed to get a photo with Denise.

Here are a couple of write-ups that mention the panels:

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