More examples of why the Star Trek Facebook page needs a strong comments policy

If you head over to the official Star Trek Facebook page it’s not hard to find more recent sexist, racist and homophobic comments than those we collected as examples to demonstrate why the page needs a comments policy and moderation.

I’m thrilled that we’ve collected over 700 signatures on our petition in the first week. And just as importantly, we’ve had many, many people talking about their experiences with the official Star Trek Facebook page and their vision for how it could change to really embrace infinite diversity in infinite combinations.

But we have a new goal: 1,500 signatures by the end of the month (Tuesday). If every person who’s signed can get one more person to sign, we’ll be just a hair’s breadth away! I know you, Tumblr – you can do it! 

If you’ve already signed the petition, fabulous! Please take a minute to share the link on your Facebook and/or Twitter as well as your Tumblr. Email your fellow Trek fans.

If you’ve already signed, don’t feel like you have to look at these new examples – but if you feel inclined or if you haven’t signed yet and need some more reasons, see the new screencaps after the jump!

Trigger warning for racism and sexism, including rape jokes.

Post advertising the Star Trek Vol 8 comic and the adventures of Jane Kirk (gender swapped Capt Kirk)

As soon as I saw the page share the news that there would be a new issue of the J.J.-verse comics featuring the alternate universe gender-swap characters, I knew there would be trouble in the comments. It didn’t feel quite as overwhelming as when the first issue was announced in January, but there were a couple of particularly awful responses:

Ben Connor: "Still haven't recovered from Starbuck and Boomer being changed to females."

That guy Stephen Vest was on a particularly bad rant, posting multiple comments that also ended up being potentially transphobic:

Stephen Vest: Make a new character, you wanna change him to a her then invent a new character with a damn penis and a vagina.

Then on September 23 the page invited fans to celebrate Rosalind Chao’s birthday. NBD, right? 

Post inviting fans to celebrate Rosalind Chao's bday, with photos of her now and of her as Keiko

Well, unless you’re an asshat. I’m not a Keiko fan but this stuff seriously crosses a line:

Luis Gonzales Jr: "Damn she got ugly."
Ian Shepard: "U either really must be very very desperate or asian to call THAT beautiful."
Seth Hester: "Worst Trek character ever!!!!! Arm all phaser banks and photon torpedos. Keiko needs to be taken out!"

There were some other people who are debatably trying to be complimentary but actually just stereotyping:

Commenter asks: "WHY DOESN'T SHE AGE?!" and multiple comments say because she's Asian

Because all Asians look and eat the same, apparently.

Baron Breitenstein: "It is about time we begin research into Asian DNA and discover the secret to halting the aging process."

I’m just going to link to a New York Times article to start you off on educating yourself if you actually think there is such a think as “Asian DNA”.

Okey dokey. 

One guy stepped it up a notch on the racism-meter:

Jay Garrett: "Y U NO AGE?"

And another two on the creep-o-meter:

Comments fetishizing Asian women

Finally, just as I was going to write this post, I noticed the page decided to celebrate John Fiedler from “Wolf in the Fold” with this horrible choice of screencap:

Really? All the scenes he was in and you picked this one? Well, bring on the rape jokes, then!

John Sullivan: "She appears to have a smile on her face. She must be enjoying the moment."
Jim Tarvin: "Looks like he found second base."

Sign the petition, please! 

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