Carol Marcus in Into Darkness

Image of page a day calendar that reads:

Headline: Alice Eve as Dr. Carol Marcus


Marcus: "Captain Kirk? Science Officer Wallace. I've been assigned to the Enterprise by Admiral Marcus. These are my transfer orders."
Spock: "You requested an additional science officer, Captain?"
Kirk: "I wish I had. [Reads] Lieutenant Carol Wallace, Doctor of Applied Physics, specializing in advanced weaponry."
Spock: "Impressive Credentials."
Marcus: "Thank you."
Spock: "But redundant now that I am back aboard the Enterprise."
Kirk: "And yet, the more the merrier. Have a seat, Doctor."

Ugh. I totally forgot that in Into Darkness, Spock actually says Carol Marcus is “redundant,” implying he already has all her skills and more, and Kirk’s all like, “Who cares? I want her around because she’s hot.”


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