A Janeway Apron? Seriously?

A Captain Janeway apron, StarTrek.com?* Really? I love a lot of your merch, but did whoever make the decision on this one even watch the show? Janeway even burns replicated food.

Now granted, they have aprons with a bunch of the women characters (Troi, Nurse Chapel, Seven and Uhura) on them in the “Women of Star Trek” section, but that actually makes it worse. It shows you just put all the ladies on the aprons because of their gender.

The only principal Star Trek characters who would make sense being on an apron are Sisko and Neelix. There’s also reference to Riker, O’Brien and Kirk being decent cooks, but they’re all dudes so I guess having them on aprons is a no-go?

And while we’re at it, I have a beef with your Uhura pocket mirror:

Uhura mirror

Let’s read the decription:

Check the gravity resistance of your hair and make sure your lipstick is still out of this world in style with the Star Trek Uhura Pocket Mirror. Be the most beautiful lady on the Enterprise and show you’re a true Trek fan with this small pocket mirror.

Oh great, even hundreds of years from now a woman’s value is still determined by her beauty regimens. I think it’s important to note “grooming makes the girl” isn’t a quote from Uhura; just something some asshat made up.

There’s an equally headdesk-worthy one of Vina from “The Cage” here:

Mirror with photo of Vina as an Orion slave girl and the caption "Some girls always seem to choose the wrong lipstick"

Remembering that Vina in that episode is a captive (if Stockholm syndrome-y) forced to live in Pike’s fantasies, makes it both sexist and slightly creepy.

*Note: As of 2018 these items are no longer for sale through StarTrek.com though it’s possible to find versions floating around Ebay and collector sites.

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