Terry Farrell on playing Jadzia Dax, Post-DS9 Departure

In her post-departure interview with Starlog, Terry Farrell reflected on her time on DS9 and what it meant to play Jadzia Dax:

We don’t really know too much about Dax other than that she’s a wisecracker who seems to roll with the punches. However, I loved that they made it a point to show that she was good in battle. That she was an equal who could get in there with anybody and hold her own.

If there was anything missing from my six years of DS9, it was that Dax talked about her family, but we never saw anyone. Dax even went to Trill, but how going there affected her was never investigated, other than how it affected her health. Didn’t she ever miss home or the people in her life? Did they ever miss her? I know she was willing to throw it all away for Lenara, but Trill must have meant something to me. That’s really my one great complaint.

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