Star Trek Las Vegas 2013

I was lucky enough to be part of an awesome panel at Star Trek Las Vegas this year, moderated by Mary Czerwinski and featuring Amy Imhoff, Mary Czerwinski and Alex Martinuik. This was my first really big convention and it was so exciting!

I got to see a bunch of actor Q&As. Maybe the most interesting moment for me came from Alexander Siddig’s Q&A. Someone got up to the mic and asked him if he identifies as a feminist. His answer was actually really thoughtful. He said, “I think I might be guilty of boasting if I were to call myself a feminist” as a way of explaining that he agrees with what feminists say but doesn’t feel he has the political understanding or experience to fully claim the term for himself. I think feminism is something that requires us all to constantly evolve and learn and grow, but I really appreciated the thoughtfulness of his answer.

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