Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Bechdel-Wallace Test Results

Bechdel Testing Deep Space Nine was more complicated than The Original Series. Not only were there more episodes and more female characters, but there were also many episodes where two women (usually Kira and Dax) had back-to-back lines in a group scene but it wasn’t always clear whether this was enough to say they were definitively talking to each other.

My instinct was to try, as much as possible, to only pass those episodes where it was clear the two characters were talking to one another. For more of my thoughts, discussion of why I chose the method I ended up with, and responses to your comments, check out my post here.

One other point of clarification: I am counting the female changeling, played by Salome Jens, as a named female character. Because she is a recurring, significant character and any viewer would know who I was talking about if I said “The Female Changeling”, she functions as a named character.

Thanks to @The_Mad_Cyclist for her help testing Season 6!


The first percentage indicates the result if you require that the two female characters clearly address each other, even in group scenes.

The second percentage (in brackets) indicates the adjusted pass rate if you include any episode where two women characters have back-to-back lines about something other than a man.

An asterisk in the episode list shows which episodes pass under the second test but not the first.

Total: 57.8% Pass (64.1%)

Season 1 – 68% Pass (79%)

EmissaryPassIn Part II, Kira and Dax have short, business-like exchanges
Past PrologueFail*Lursa and B’Etor talk to Garak but not really to each other
A Man AlonePassKeiko and Molly talk about Keiko’s school
Captive PursuitFail*Dax and Kira have back-to-back lines in Ops
Q-LessPassDax and Kira talk several times in Ops, including direct interaction
DaxPassAnina talks to Els Renora and later Jadzia
The PassengerPassDax, Kira and Kejada figure out how Vantika accessed the station computers/Kira and Dax figure out why Vantika was coming to the station
Move Along HomePassKira and Dax talk about the game
The NagusFail
VortexFailNone of the female characters talk to each other
Battle LinesPassKira and Opaka talk several times about prophecy and faith
The StorytellerFail
ProgressPassKira and Dax talk about sensor readings
If Wishes Were HorsesPassKira and Dax talk about strange sensor readings/Molly and Keiko talk about bedtime
The ForsakenPassKira and Dax talk about the probe
Dramatis PersonaePassKira tries to persuade Dax to disobey orders
DuetPassKira and Dax talk about their childhoods
In the Hands of the ProphetsPassKeiko talks to Winn about the wormhole/Kira and Keiko talk about the Kai

Season 2 – 65% Pass (77%)

The HomecomingFail*Dax and Kira talk in Ops, but both are talking to Sisko
The CirclePassDax talks to Kira about her being reassigned/Kira meets Winn
The SiegePassKira and Dax have conversations about the mission, insects, piloting, and Kira’s time in the resistance
Invasive ProceduresPassKira and Dax talk about the plasma storm/Mareel asks Kira if she’s okay
MeloraPassDax and Melora talk about Vulcan music
Rules of AcquisitionPassDax and Kira talk about the Ferengi/Pel confides in Dax
Necessary EvilPassKira confronts Pallra with an accusation
Second SightFail*Dax and Fenna have lines next to each other, but could be seen as to the men in the scene
SanctuaryPassHaneek talks to both Kira and Dax about her role as spiritual leader and the wormhole/Haneek also talks to Vayna and Rozhan
RivalsPassKira and Dax talk about setting up the lab
The AlternateFail
Armageddon GameFailKira talks to Dax and Keiko but only about Miles and Julian
ParadisePassKira and Dax talk about finding the Rio Grande/Alixus and Cassandra talk about if they want to leave
ShadowplayFailDax talks to a female villager, but she’s unnamed
Playing GodPassKira and Dax talk about how to contain the proto-universe
Profit and LossPassNatima and Rekelen talk about their movement/Natima explains to Kira why she lied
Blood OathPassDax talks to Kira about killing and Dax’s blood oath
The Maquis IPassKira and Dax talk about an incoming Bolian vessel
The Maquis IIPassKira and Dax have an exchange about thrusters
The WireFail
CrossoverPassMajor and Intendant Kira have several conversations
The CollaboratorPassKira talks to Winn about why she’s on the station, Kira and Dax talk about Winn
TribunalFail*Dax and Kira talk but in a larger Ops conversation, not necessarily to each other
The Jem’HadarPassKira and Dax have an exchange about an incoming ship
Natima and Rekelen in “Profit and Loss”

Season 3 – 73% Pass (73%)

The Search IPassKira and Dax have an exchange about a subspace surge
The Search IIPassThe female shapeshifter talks to Kira about the Founders’ distrust for “solids”
The House of QuarkFail
EquilibriumPassKira comments on Dax’s musical skills
Second SkinPassAlenis tells Kira where she is, Yteppa tells Kira she’s all right
The AbandonedPassDax talk to each other as part of a conversation with Bashir
Civil DefensePassDax and Kira talk about Dax’s idea for an engineering fix, and how to defeat the station’s security program
MeridianPassDax asks Seltin about her planet’s dimensional shifts
DefiantPassKira and Dax talk about storage capacity
Past Tense IPassKira and Dax remark on the colour of the Earth’s oceans
Past Tense IIPassKira and Dax figure out where each other are
Life SupportPassKira asks Winn why she suspects sabotage
Heart of StoneFail
DestinyPassUlani thanks Kira for letting them on the station, Dax talks to the two Cardassian women about the food, Ulani and Kira talk about the comet
Prophet MotiveFail
VisionaryPassKira and Dax talk about detecting and firing at a Romulan warbird
Distant VoicesPassIn a group scene, Dax notes Kira isn’t coming up with ideas and Kira asks her to let her think
Through the Looking GlassPassJennifer tells Intendant Kira the killing has to stop
The Die is CastPassKira and Dax detct a Cardassian ship
ExplorersPassDax and Leeta introduce themselves
Family BusinessFail
Improbable CauseFail
ShakaarPassKira talks to Lupaza about the people the authorities have taken in for questioning
FacetsPassLeeta and Dax discuss the Rite of Closure/Dax talks with Kira as Lela and Leeta as Emony
The AdversaryFail

Season 4 – 48% Pass (52%)

Jadzia Dax and Lenara Kahn in “Rejoined”
The Way of the WarriorPassDax tries to get Kira to have fun in the holosuite, later they talk about the Cardassians and the Klingons
The VisitorFail
Hippocratic OathFail
IndiscretionPassDax talks to Kasidy about staying on the station
RejoinedPassDax has many conversations with Lenara
Starship DownPassKira talks to Dax about fasting
Little Green MenFailKira responds to a comment from Dax, but it’s about the Ferengi men
The Sword of KahlessFail
Our Man BashirFail
HomefrontPassKira and Dax talk about how many people were at a conference Dax has returned from
Paradise LostFail
CrossfireFailKira and Dax talk, but only abotu Shakaar
Return to GracePassKira explains to Ziyal how to use a phase-disruptor pistol and Ziyal shows her a knife trick
Sons of MoghFail*Dax and Kira have lines next to each other and they are riffing off each other, but their audience is the group
Bar AssociationFailLeeta, Dax and Kira never talk to each other
Rules of EngagementFailT’Lara orders Dax to answer a question, but it’s about Worf
Hard TimePassKeiko and Molly talk about colouring
Shattered MirrorPassIntendant Kira and Jennifer talk as the Intendant tries to capture her
The MusePassLwaxana, Dax and Kira talk about love, but not about men per se
For the CauseFail
To the DeathPassKira asks how long ago the ship left and Kira answers (group scene in Ops)
The QuickeningPassKira warns Dax about the Jem’Hadar/Ekoria and Dax introduce themselves and later talk about food
Body PartsPassKeiko and Kira talk about the surrogacy/Molly asks Kira if she’s her aunt
Broken LinkFail

Season 5 – 50% Pass (50%)

Apocalypse RisingFailDax and Kira only talk about Gowron
The ShiprFailDax asks Kilana a question but Sisko answer it
Looking for par’Mach in All the Wrong PlacesPassKira and Keiko talk about Kira’s new uniforms
Nor the Battle to the StrongFailKira and Dax are in the same scene at Quark’s but talking to the men, not each other
The AssignmentPassDax and Keiko talk about food
Trials and Tribble-ationsPassDax asks Kira to identify the Klingon vessel
Let He Who is Without SinPassDax tells Leeta she doesn’t have to serve them drinks/Arandis and Dax talk about pottery
Things PastFail
The AscentFail
RapturePassKira and Dax talk about the painting of B’hala/Kira and Winn have lines, but only about Sisko
The Darkness and the LightPassKira and Fala talk about getting Fala to safety/Lupaza asks Kira about the pregnancy
The BegottenPassKira and Y’Pora and Keiko have lines to each other about the delivery
For the UniformPassDax and Kira have lots of lines as part of a larger bridge conversation, but there is at least one time Kira asks a question that Dax answers
In Purgatory’s ShadowPassKira and Dax talk about Cardassian code and the Dominion
By Inferno’s LIghtPassKira commands Dax on the Defiant
Dr. Bashir, I PresumeFail
A Simple InvestigationFailDax and Kira only talk about Odo
Business As UsualFail
Ties of Blood and WaterFailKira and Dax talk, but only about Tekeny Ghemor
Ferengi Love SongsFailLeeta and Kira only talk about Rom
Soldiers of the EmpirePassDax and Tavana introduce themselves and later talk about food and bloodwine
Children of TimePassDax and Kira talk about the Defiant bunks/Dax talks with Lisa and Molly about how the kids look
Blaze of GloryFail
Empok NorFail
In the CardsFail
Call to ArmsPassLeeta and Ziyal briefly discuss wedding dresses

Season 6 – 46% Pass (57%)

Keiko and Molly in “Time’s Orphan”
A Time to StandFail
Rocks and ShoalsPassYasim and Kira talk about the right to protest
Sons and DaughtersPassZiyal tells Kira about her art and why she left the university
Behind the LinesFail*Kira and the female changeling have back-to-back lines but Odo is there and it’s sort of about him
Favor the BoldPassKira and Ziyal talk about how things are going on the station, as well as about asking Dukat to free Rom
Sacrifice of AngelsPassKira and Leeta have back-to-back lines about how to stop the Cardassians
You are Cordially InvitedPassDax and Sirella talk about the Klingon rituals and Sirella’s family history
ResurrectionPassThe Intendant tells Major Kira how smart and beautiful she is
Statistical ProbabilitiesFail
The Magnificent FerengiFail
Who Mourns for Morn?Fail
Far Beyond the StarsFail
One Little ShipFail
Honor Among ThievesFailKira and Dax have back-to-back lines but it’s in a group scene talking about Chief O’Brien
Change of HeartPassKira talks to Dax about sending her and Worf to the Badlands on a mission
Wrongs Darker than Death or NightPassSeveral scenes between Kira Nerys and Kira Meru
InquisitionFail*Dax and Kira have back-to-back lines in Ops, but to the entire group
In the Pale MoonlightFail*Dax and Kira have back-to-back lines in Ops but not to each other specifically
His WayFailThis one is debateable. Kira asks Dax about “moments of clarity” but she’s really asking about Odo, so I believe doesn’t pass the test
The ReckoningPassKira explains to Dax why she’s taking Sisko to Bajor/Kira asks Winn if something’s wrong
Profit and LaceFail
Time’s OrphanPassKira asks Dax about her investigation of the time portal/Keiko and Molly talk about the other Molly
The Sound of Her VoicePassKasidy asks Lisa if there’s anything the Defiant crew can do to help her
Tears of the ProphetsPassKira tells Dax she prayed for her to have a baby
Ezri and her mother in “Prodigal Daughter”

Season 7 – 56% Pass (64%)

Image in the SandPassKira and Cretak talk about the accommodations on the station and about jumja sticks
Shadows and SymbolsPassKira asks Cretak why warbirds are transporting medical supplies
AfterimagePassKira talks to Ezri about being at the place where Jadzia was killed
Take Me Out to the HolosuitePassLeeta and Ezri talk about the baseball game
ChrysalisFail*Ezri asks Sarina what she’s listening to, but Sarina also replies to Bashir/Ezri and Sarina’s other conversation is about men
Treachery, Faith and the Great RiverFail
Once More Unto the BreachPassKira and Ezri talk about what it’s like to prove yourself as a new Trill host
The Siege of AR-558FailEzri and Larkin have lots of lines, but not to each other
CovenantPassKira tells Ezri what her religious services were about
It’s Only a Paper MoonFail
Prodigal DaughterPassKira and Ezri talk about gagh/Ezri tells her mom about her promotion
The Emperor’s New CloakPassThe Intendant and Mirror Ezri talk about escaping/Mirror Ezri and Leeta talk about “debriefing”
Field of FireFail
Badda-Bing, Badda-BangFail*Kira, Ezri and Kasidy are in the same scenes but always talking to the larger group
Inter Arma Enim Silent LegesPassKira and Cretak talk about repairs and maintenance on the Romulan ships
PenumbraPassSaghi asks Kasidy about her wedding ceremony
Til Death Do Us PartPassWinn is spoken to by Prophet-Kira in her vision, real Kira asks her if she’s all right
Strange BedfellowsPassWinn talks to Kira about feeling like she’s on the wrong path, Prophet-Kira speaks to her in another vision
The Changing Face of EvilFail
When It Rains…Fail
Tacking Into the WindFail
Extreme MeasuresFail
The Dogs of WarPassKira talks to Mila about helping their resistance/Leeta and M’Pella talk about asking for a raise
What You Leave BehindPassKira orders the female changeling to end the war/Kira also talks to Mila but only about Damar

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