Road Trip to Vulcan, AB

Photos from my Trek pilgrimage to Vulcan, Alberta today! Not only is the town full of amazing, geeky touches, but the Trekcetera Museum has some great artifacts, including Janeway’s coffee mugs and one of Seven of Nine’s uniforms, complete with redonkulous corset – as well as some of Bashir’s hyposprays that were, in reality, just pepper mills with stickers.

Me with the bust of Spock in Vulcan
Bust of Spock with Leonard Nimoy's handprint in cement making the Vulcan sign
Crosswalk with Delta Shield painted in the middle
Mural of Drs Phlox, McCoy, Crusher, The Doctor, and Bashir
Mural of Spock serving ice cream and candy
Coffee cups from Voyager at the Trekcetera Museum
Bashir's pepper mill hyposprays
Seven of Nine's purple catsuit and undergarment corset
Starfleet Medical medkit made from a vintage box of curlers


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That corset makes me so angry. As well as being sexist, it basically amounts to physical cruelty. They should have got rid of it as soon as it was clear how much Jeri Ryan was suffering. Love the rest though, especially the doctors’ mural!

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