“Nichelle Nichols Opens All Hailing Frequencies”

Spread on Nichelle Nichols in Starlog

From “Nichelle Nichols Opens All Hailing Frequencies” by Karen E. Wilson in Issue 36 of Starlog Magazine.

On how she portrayed Uhura:

“In the little bit that I did have to do, I tried to infuse in the Uhura character qualities that would present women in a strong light. Uhura is still a commanding figure…an efficient professional who would do her job and is equal to anyone.”

On the limits placed on the character:

“You must understand that I’m an actor, not a communications officer, and as such, I would have treasured the opportunity to act, to have been a character developed and have experiences other than keeping the communications open.”

On how The Motion Picture failed to develop Uhura:

When asked if she was disappointed with the depth of characterization required by the script, Nichols commented, “Yes, quite frankly, I was. I had hoped that not only Uhura, but the others would have an opportunity along with the viewers, to see where they had gone and why they came back.”


“But,” Nichols sadly notes, “as the movie stands, it is over two hours long. To go into anyone’s background would’ve required about a three-hour film. But I think the fans would’ve liked that,” she muses. “Unfortunately I wasn’t writing or producing it.”

On the future:

“We can grow, and if we do it in positive, responsible ways, we can move in the direction of the Star Trek universe. With that philosophy, with that concern for life and all life, we can go where no man or woman has gone before. We can ennoble and enrich ourselves. We can walk on the progressive road and widen our horizons, or we can take our technology and blow ourselves all to hell.

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