Nana Visitor on Her Least-Favourite Kira Storylines

Nana Visitor was interviewed recently on the Trek Geeks podcast. Here are a couple of noteworthy quotes:

The [storyline] that I liked least, and it was the most useful to me in real life, was my pregnancy and giving the baby up. I liked it least because I so wanted it to be mined for more. The question of what that’s like to hold a child for nine months and then hand it over. I just wasn’t sure it was going to be that easy for her. And since she’s such a complicated character, if anyone had a complicated response to it, it would be her. So that was just kind of a regret.


I wasn’t happy [with introducing the Odo/Kira relationship]. It was so wonderful that there was a male and a female that had a deep friendship and that it didn’t suddenly have to have this other tension. It was something that was happening on other television shows in that era and it was very typical that two leads would have this kind of fractious relationship but – oh yes – actually they want to sleep together. And I loved the idea that this was different. 

So I went into it kicking a little bit. I didn’t want this to happen. But the good part, to me, was that I got to act with Rene almost every day, which was the best. He’s my favourite acting partner.

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