Hoshi Sato in the Star Trek Database

When you look up Hoshi Sato in the database at StarTrek.com, you get the overview you’d expect:

STARFLEET PERSONNEL FILE: Sato, Hoshi Rank: Ensign, Assignment: Communications Officer, Enterprise NX-01, Previous Assignment: Taught exo-linguistics at Amazon University, Brazil, Full Name: Hoshi Sato, Marital status: Single, Psychological Profile…

Overall interesting but I can’t believe this (from “Silent Enemy”) is highlighted:

Implicitly trusted by Captain Archer, Hoshi was entrusted to do some research into the private life of Malcolm Reed, specifically his favorite foods for a planned surprise birthday celebration. She methodically approached the task like a detective, discreetly contacting his loved ones and even subtly trying to get information directly out of Reed, which led to a temporary misunderstanding, as Reed misinterpreted her enquiries as romantic overtures. In the end, thanks to help from Dr. Phlox, she successfully was able to deduce Reed’s favorite food (pineapple) and satisfy Archer’s request.

How sad is it that the search for Reed’s favourite food is considered a career highlight for Hoshi?

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