Happy Birthday Terry Farrell

Happy Birthday, Terry Farrell! (November 19)

Here are a few quotes from Terry on playing Jadzia Dax:

“I wanted to be the female Indiana Jones. I wanted to be Lara Croft.”

– At Star Trek: Las Vegas 2013, on how much she loved doing fight scenes as Jadzia Dax.

” I think what interested me most was trying to find her strength. She wasn’t defensive at all; she was always calm and relaxed and confident. She had a peaceful, mature way about her. I think that’s what I held on to. I don’t think I really attained that for myself, without being Dax, until I had a child. But I think that playing her was actually my anchor to feeling safe in the world at that time. Playing Dax made me feel like I was secure and I was safe.” [x]

On The Delta Quadrant podcast, October 2013:

“I found frustrating that there was a while where they made my character, I felt, very shallow…There was a period where I would be asking Nana’s character about what she was up to or who she was dating…that kind of gossipy thing. And I thought that was really kind of sad. I always figured Dax being 350 years old would mean I would have an accumulation of wisdom of those seven lifetimes.”

“The worm’s been in a man too, so it’s totally going to affect her sensibilities and how she moves around in the world!”

“In Star Trek land, I’m not a misfit. I fit!…So what I always want to portray to young women is that you fit, no matter what you look like, your body type or whatever. You have value and you fit.”

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