Gates McFadden on Directing “Genesis”

Gates McFadden talks about making her directorial debut in “Directing Genesis” by Ian Speling in Starlog issue 204 (July 1994):

“I must say that I couldn’t think of a better way of ending my time with the show than directing ‘Genesis.’ It was a great opportunity and I really did try to make the best of it.”

“There were a great many special FX and a lot of makeup work,” notes McFadden, “It was not a simple script for a first-time director, let’s just say that. It was a complicated story, and there were many twists in it. I felt challenged by it. I was glad it was a challenge. It made it exciting for me. I was allowed to work with the costume people and with [makeup guru] Michael Westmore in pre-production, and with Daryl Baskin and J.P. Farrell in the editing room.”

“Genesis” is one of only 4.5% of TNG episodes directed by women, so it was neat even to read this little article about Gates McFadden’s experience.

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