Enterprise Bechdel-Wallace Test Results

Huge thanks to skadoo3 for her help running the Bechdel Test on Enterprise. Only one series (TNG) left to go!

As a reminder, in order for an episode to pass, it must include:

  • Two named women characters
  • Who talk to each other
  • About something other than a man

As with the Deep Space Nine and Voyager results:

  • The first percentage indicates the result if you require that the two female characters clearly address each other, even in group scenes.
  • The second percentage (in brackets) indicates the adjusted pass rate if you include any episode where two women characters have back-to-back lines about something other than a man, as in a command situation where T’Pol and Hoshi say lines but it’s unclear whether they’re to each other.
  • An asterisk in the episode list shows which episodes pass under the second test but not the first.


Total: 39% Pass (49%)

Season 1: 44% Pass (52%)

Hoshi on the bridge, T'Pol in the background
Broken BowPassHoshi and T’Pol briefly speak Vulcan to each other, presumably not about a man
Fight or FlightPassT’Pol orders Hoshi to communicate with the aliens and Hoshi replies.
Strange New WorldPassCutler talks to T’Pol about Vulcan food. Hoshi and T’Pol speak in Vulcan about the situation on the planet.
Terra NovaFail
The Andorian IncidentFail
Breaking the IceFail
CivilizationPassT’Pol admires Riann’s lab and Riann cautions her not to touch anything.
Fortunate SonFail
Cold FrontFailT’Pol has quite a bit to do in this episode but doesn’t ever talk to another woman.
Silent EnemyFailT’Pol and Hoshi talk but only about Reed.
Dear DoctorPassHoshi translates for Cutler what she said to one of the Menk.
Sleeping DogsPassT’Pol and Hoshi talk about environmental suits, why T’Pol chose Hoshi for the mission, anxiety and meditation.
Shadows of P’JemFailT’Pol never talks to the other women characters.
Shuttlepod OneFail
Rogue PlanetPassBarely passes: T’Pol and Hoshi talk about looking for a clearing to land.
OasisPassLiana asks T’Pol if she’s hungry and offers her food.
DetainedFail*Two brief instances of T’Pol and Hoshi exchanging lines in a command situation.
Vox SolaPassHoshi and T’Pol discuss communications difficulties during a first contact situation.
Fallen HeroPassHoshi and T’Pol discuss V’Lar/V’Lar and T’Pol discuss T’Pol’s relationship to the humans and the legal charges against V’Lar.
Desert CrossingPassHoshi and T’Pol talk about an incoming communication.
Two Days and Two NightsFailCutler and T’Pol talk twice but about men/Hoshi speaks to an unnamed woman character.
Shockwave Part IFail* Hoshi and T’Pol have back to back lines but don’t speak directly to each other.

Season 2: 35% Pass (50%)

T'Pol on the bridge, Hoshi in background
Shockwave Part IIPassBarely passes. T’Pol and Hoshi talk about Hoshi rescuing the crew.
Carbon CreekPassIn T’Pol’s story her great-grandmother, T’Mir, talks to a bartender named Maggie about food.
Dead StopFail*Technically Hoshi and T’Pol have back-to-back lines but it seems more like they’re each talking to Archer.
MinefieldPassT’Pol asks a question about alien communications and Hoshi answers.
A Night in SickbayFail*Twice Hoshi and T’Pol are in a conversation with Archer, not clear whether their lines are specifically to each other.
MaraudersFail*T’Pol and E’Lis exchange lines during a round-robin conversation with Archer and Tessic
The SeventhFailThe Vulcan woman who talks with T’Pol is unnamed.
The CommunicatorPassBorderline: Hoshi and T’Pol briefly discuss moving the ship closer in orbit but ultimately the discussion is about Archer and Reed.
SingularityPassHoshi and T’Pol talk about soup.
Vanishing PointPassT’Pol summons Hoshi to the bridge.
Precious CargoFail
The CatwalkFail
StigmaPassHoshi and Feezal talk about the Denobulan language/Hoshi and T’Pol talk about communication from the surface
Cease FireFail
Future TenseFail*Hoshi reports to T’Pol during a battle sequence and T’Pol issues orders to the whole bridge.
CanamarPassHoshi and T’Pol discuss communications
The CrossingFail
HorizonFailFour named women characters but no interactions.
The BreachFail
CogenitorFailThe Cogenitor is supposed to be genderless and is unnamed until it takes the name “Charles”.
Regeneration Pass Barely passes: T’Pol orders Hoshi to “evacuate the section” and she replies.
First FlightFail
The ExpanseFail

Season 3: 38% Pass (42%)

Hoshi talks to Rajiin as they walk down the hall
The XindiPass Hoshi and T’Pol evacuate the planet.
AnomalyPassVery brief interaction between Hoshi and T’Pol as they try to break into an alien database.
Extinction Fail*T’Pol and Hoshi in a group conversation along with Reed and Archer.
Rajiin PassRajiin and Hoshi have a brief conversation.
Impulse Fail
Exile Fail
The Shipment Fail
Twilight Pass T’Pol and Hoshi discuss communications from Starfleet.
North Star PassBethany and T’Pol exchange a few words.
Carpenter StreetFail
Chosen RealmFail
Proving Ground Fail Hoshi and T’Pol appear in the same scene but don’t speak to each other.
Stratagem PassT’Pol and Hoshi briefly exchange lines
Harbinger Fail T’Pol and Cole have a conversation but it’s essentially about Trip.
Doctor’s OrdersFail
Azati PrimePassHoshi and T’Pol talk about the insectoid language.
The Forgotten Fail
E2 Pass T’Pol talks to the older version of herself (time travel)
The Council Fail
Zero Hour PassHoshi and T’Pol have a brief discussion about returning to Earth.

Season 4: 41% Pass (55%)

Lissan in "The Aenar"
Storm Front I PassHoshi and T’Pol discuss a comm signal.
Storm Front IIFail
Home PassT’Pol talks to her mother.
BorderlandFail*Short group scene with Hoshi, T’Pol and Reed.
Cold Station 12 Fail
The AugmentsFail
The Forge Fail
Awakening Pass T’Pol talks to T’Pau a couple of times and to her mother.
Kir’Shara PassT’Pol and T’Pau talk about the katra and also mindmeld.
Daedalus Fail
Observer Effect FailPlenty of scenes with Hoshi but she never talks to T’Pol.
Babel One Fail* Hoshi and T’Pol have back-to-back lines in a group discussion but are really talking to Archer.
United Fail*Hoshi and T’Pol have back-to-back lines but talking to Archer, not realy each other.
The Aenar Pass Jhamel and Lissan talk about helping the new alliance.
AfflictionPass Hoshi and T’Pol mind meld and later talk about dreams.
DivergencePassHoshi and T’Pol speak briefly during a battle sequence where T’Pol is in command.
Bound FailNone of the Orion women talk to each other or other named women characters.
In a Mirror, Darky IFail
In a Mirror, Darkly IIPass Hoshi and T’Pol argue and fight.
Demons PassT’Pol and Khouri have a brief conversation/Hoshi and Gannet discuss Gannet’s spying.
Terra Prime Fail
These are the Voyages Fail

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Enterprise immediately gave me a muuuch more sexist vibe than the first episode of, say, Voyager or Deep Space 9. I was wondering if they thought they though they needed to dial back the time because it was supposed to be a prequel, so a time where the society was less “advanced” / egalitarian? But all of the poking “hahaha just boys being boys” jokes with T’Pol are just so icky and clearly geared at putting down the one “foreign” woman in the room. And then the scene in the 1st episode where T’Pol and Trip are putting on this desinfectant cream, just sexualizing T’Pol from the go… argh. I just finished watching Voyager and I really don’t know if I’m ready to jump into these kind of waters again. Does it get any better in the course of the show? Is it worth watching, do the cringe and the character development/ more thoughtful scenes balance each other out?

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