Custom Kira and Kai Winn Funko Pop! Vinyls

Made two new custom Funko Pop Vinyl figurines – L’il Kira and L’il Kai Winn. They are joining the shelf next to my Janeway and Borg Queen.

Kai Winn and Kira Funkos face off

In case you’re curious about making your own custom Funkos, I used blank bases produced by the company. The only downside is that they all have the same stance, which would make it hard to do, say, a TOS Uhura in a miniskirt.

Blank funko with hair added to start Kira

I used air-dry modelling clay to add hair. You have to be a little careful because this can throw off the balance, but you can help set it right at the end by adding clay heels to the shoes, which pushes the figure a bit farther forward.

I also used clay to add larger pieces of clothing like Kai Winn’s robes and hat, as well as to add dimension where the clothing would meet skin or overlap, like at the end of the sleeves and pant legs.

Kai Winn and Kira funkos with clothing added and base painted, just waiting for faces and clothign detail  to be painted

Then I painted them using acrylic paint, and finished it with a spray acrylic sealer.

Maybe a more common way to make custom figures is to find an existing figure that has the correct body/outfit look for who you want to create, then another one that has the correct head/hair look. By performing a bit of Funko surgery you can mash the two together, repaint, and end up with a pretty snazzy looking Beverly Crusher, for example.

There are tons of great tutorials online if you want to start making your own.

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