Captain Janeway First Character Description

Page from a daily Trek calendar, transcribed below

“A human, Janeway is by no means the only female Captain in Starfleet. But it is generally acknowledged that she is among the best-male or female. She embodies all that is exemplary about Starfleet officers: intelligent, thoughtful, perspicacious, sensitive to the feelings of others, tough when she has to be, and not afraid to take chances. She has a gift for doing the completely unexpected, which has bailed her out of more than one scrape. The daughter of a mathematician mother and an astrophysicist father, Janeway was on track for a career in science. Her natural leadership abilities manifested themselves quickly, however, and she was rapidly promoted to ever-more-responsible positions…”

Excerpt from the character description of Elizabeth Janeway in the Star Trek: Voyager series bible.

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