Bibi Besch on playing Carol Marcus

In April 1990 Bibi Besch talked to Starlog about playing Carol Marcus in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan.

I feel disappointed that I never got a chance to complete my relationship with Jim Kirk vis-a-vis the death of our son [David, played by the late Merritt Butrick]…My sense about it was that they need to keep Captain Kirk unencumbered in any way…I think that’s why I wasn’t in Star Trek III. It’s part of the Kirk mythology that he be the Lone Ranger out there, by himself, battling the elements.

Word. But there was one part of this interview that was really heartwarming:

One of the most interesting things I discovered when I started to go to conventions was that Star Trek devotees are really visionaries; they perceive a better world, and Trek symbolizes that better world for them. It’s a vision out of which they live their lives.

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